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Lewa is a modern young Papua New Guinean woman.

Her fun and vibrant personality has taken her from the world of Accounting into the glitz and glamour of Television & MC / Event Host. 

A naturally Curly Girl, having transitioned since 2014,  Lewa wants to inspire and encourage more PNG women to embrace their Natural Hair and enjoy the journey.

Lewa has a mix of 3c-4b hair. Having perfected her hair care regime, Lewa’s curls are healthier than ever. Her next Hair Goal is to focus on length.  Lewa’s hair can be prone to dryness so she makes sure that whatever style she is rocking, moisturising her hair well comes first!  

‘Lewa’s Combo Kit’ is part of her Daily Routine. Like many women, finding the right products and style has taken a lot of time and effort. We’ve done the hard work for you! Introducing the ‘Lewa Combo Kit’ -  Her tried and tested products hydrate her curls and ensure that her hair is always ready for the limelight!  

Lewa loves Trends Beauty because it’s the one place that has everything her hair needs. Living overseas, she struggled to find the products she needed. Coming home to PNG, meant she knew Trends Beauty would have the perfect products for her hair type and Stylists who understood her hair care.


Lewa Kanah
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Social Media Influencer


  • Aunt Jackies -  Co Wash- ‘Coco Wash’ Coconut Milk Conditioning Cleanser 

  • Aunt Jackies - Leave in Conditioner  ‘Baby Girl Curls’ 

  • Eco Styler - ‘Eco Olive Oil Gel’

  • Eco Styler- ‘ Curl and Wave’ 

  • Aunt Jackies - Deep Conditioner- ‘Coco Repair Coconut Creme Deep Conditioner’

  • African Pride- ‘Moisturising Curl Cream

  • Aunt Jackies - Curling Smoothie ‘Curl Mane-Tenance - Defining Curl Whip’

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