Leo is a shining star in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific. 

At just 19 years old, she has accomplished so much; already a former Miss Madang, Miss PNG and Miss Pacific Islands (2018-2019).

She is using her platform to  pursue her passion of empowering other young women through education.

Leo has a mix of 3b to 4a hair. She has grown to appreciate and love the thick, wavy and frizzy texture of her hair. Although she can mostly be seen with her hair tied back in a simple ponytail or bun for convenience; her hairs’ luscious thickness allows her to play with and hold many different styles.

 Her biggest hair challenge is split ends and dry hair and scalp. She also struggles with frizz, especially on sunny days and when having her curls hold for longer

 Leo’s next Hair Goal is to grow her hair back to its natural long, loose waves. Leoshina wants to maintain her natural sheen by using products with natural ingredients and sometimes giving my hair treats like coconut oil, avocado or honey conditioning hair masks. ( Cantu products natural range?)

‘Leo’s Combo Kit’ is part of her Daily Routine. Like many women, finding the right products and style has taken a lot of time and effort. We’ve done the hard work for you! Introducing the ‘Leo Combo Kit’ -  Her tried and tested products hydrate her curls and ensure that her hair is always ready for the limelight!  

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Leo loves Trends Beauty because ….Trends has always been my go-to place for not only my hair care needs but also for my skin and body care needs as well. They have given me the products to suit my hair type and advice to maintain it in its healthiest state. 


I am most grateful that Trends has shown me multiple products that are suited to our Melanesian hair, all types of curls, frizz and afros which can sometimes be difficult to manage and control. It was through my hair journey with Trends that I learnt that our curls can be flaunted freely instead of tamed and hidden. It's our natural beauty that boldly defines us and effortlessy stands out.


Finally, there's something special about the comfortable and engaging atmosphere of Trends branches and their reliant staff. I have always been able to get rather openly, the advice I need to meet my hair, skin and beauty needs daily.


Don’t wait, start your natural hair journey today!

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